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Thanks for visiting ‘Support Us’. We are currently in the process of developing our dream project which is going through many turbulences and needs helping hands to be accomplished.

With your help we can not only effectively accomplish the project but also reward you with a share of our profit partnership from this project.

Please take a few moments to go through the presentation.

Why Ramayan 2424:

Ramayana is the most popular ancient Indian epic poem which narrates the struggle of the divine prince ‘Rama’ to rescue his wife ‘Sita’ from the demon king ‘Ravana’. ‘Ramayana 2424’ is an adaptation of the original Ramayana with a backdrop of futuristic/sci-fi theme set in the year 2424. The events in ‘Ramayana 2424’ unfold similarly to the original poem and interprets it’s meaning in the form of a drama.

Numerous artists have adapted and implemented the story of ‘Ramayana’ through different mediums of art forms, especially in cinema history, where ‘Rama’ was a divine being and effortlessly won over any enemy or situation that stood against his path of truth and purity. My confidence in the story of Ramayana was never because Rama was an unbeatable celestial being but his mortality and humanness are the crux of the story which make it more educative and empowering. We can learn a lot from Ramayana only when we realize that even though ‘Rama’ was an avatar of the almighty ‘Vishnu’, he was just a human like us on earth and had to struggle in almost all the phases of his life in order to protect and honour his dharma. There is a great need to tell Rama's story in a manner where we not only see his real greatness but also try to awaken the ‘Rama’ inside us and understand that greatness is not free or effortless, it needs great sacrifices in life.

We are currently looking for a budget of 30,00,000 INR (46,050 USD) to develop a graphic novel. And then we have plans to make it into a feature film. Once we have our graphic novel ready we will publish it worldwide and share the profit with our partners who helped us in making it possible. If you are interested to be a financial or creative partner with us, please leave your contact details below so that we can contact you.

Your contribution will make the first Indian futuristic Sci-Fi project possible.


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