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This carefully curated portfolio represents a culmination of our extensive work, showcasing the diversity and quality that define our approach. Each project has been meticulously selected to provide a glimpse into our breadth of expertise, highlighting our commitment to excellence across various industries and disciplines. This collection reflects our unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional results tailored to our clients' unique needs.

Paali Ka Pilla - Web Series - 2024

While glorying over the ‘celebrity-cop’ title in a small city, Inspector Ambar Pandey stumbles upon his dream case of a possible serial killer in the adjacent village called ‘Paali’. In a frenzied hunt for the killer and hunger for self-publicity, Ambar soon learns that the killer is none other than an 8-year-old local boy called Amarjeet Gautam (Pinku), world’s youngest serial killer! Ambar has hit the jackpot; for a small-town cop, world fame and promotion now seem as easy as grabbing an 8-year-old boy. But what seemed rather easy keeps getting challenging and risky for Ambar, underestimating an 8-year-old boy becomes his biggest mistake and changes his life forever.

Maaraq - Feature Film - 2020

In an effort to establish direct communication with the god, an anonymous person calling himself 'maaraq' gives up food and water till he dies. A struggling documentary film maker 'Pratishtha Singh' decides to shoot Maaraq's journey till his demise to earn a few bucks along with some attention from the market, due to the desperate and chaotic measures they encounter a series of events and characters that shape their lives eventually granting 'Maaraq's ultimate wish.

Screenshot 2024-04-20 at 13-02-25 Feast of Varanasi (2016).png
Feast of Varanasi - Feature Film - 2016

A young english teacher with a troubled past arrives in the ancient city of Varanasi to spend a few weeks with her aunt who works at an old missionary. it follows the recent suicide of her own mother and a letter she left with a pendant to bring back to her sister. When she arrives she soon learns about a serial killer who's kidnapping and killing local girls in and around the city and her own future is tied to the desperate acts of the killer. The CBI send in a quite analyst from DELHI to head up the case and to find the killer before another victim is killed.

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Our Projects and Work Section showcases a selection of some of our work & collaborations. But please note that while we strive to highlight a diverse range of projects, many may not be featured due to confidentiality agreements with specific clients. Rest assured, our commitment to excellence and confidentiality remains steadfast, and we are proud to collaborate with clients to achieve their goals while respecting their privacy. We are excited about the possibility of working with you and exploring creative opportunities together. Let's embark on a journey of innovation and collaboration!"

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